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Energetic Co-Healing - a Bridge to Self-Healing

  • Terisa partners with you, your guides, and higher self, to attune your energetic body, emphasizing your role in your own well-being.

  • Awaken your inherent power, revitalizing your body's energy system's natural flow and balance.

  • Take the next step in your ascension journey with Multidimensional Soul Integration™ - integrate soul fragments that are ready to merge.

  • Embrace a deeper level of self-awareness and wholeness.

  • Uncover hidden potentials and wisdom from other lifetimes.

  • Experience a profound sense of inner harmony and completeness.


 Co-Healing Body Attunement

 Multidimensional Soul Integration™

In this 45-60 minute session,Terisa partners with you, your guides, and your higher self to align your energetic body. This approach highlights your essential role in your own well-being and guides you toward achieving optimal energetic balance, all while awakening your innate healing abilities. The energy exchange is $111. For any cancellations or rescheduling, please provide a 24-hour notice, as refunds cannot be provided for missed appointments or no-shows.


Terisa is certified in Multidimensional Soul Integration™. This 60-70 minute session offers you the next step in your ascension as it assists in the integration of those aspects (fragments) of your soul from past or parallel lives that are ready to integrate. The energy exchange is $133. For any cancellations or rescheduling, please provide a 24-hour notice, as refunds cannot be provided for missed appointments or no-shows.

Blue Skies

Client Experiences

"I am still filled with so much gratitude for the space you held and the beautiful session we had Tuesday. Thank you again. 
The days after I could feel that my throat had widened and (it) feels more free. I released a lot of energy and simultaneously could feel more energy coming in. Still feel I am integrating everything... lots of layers healing and shifting..."~Julian

"Terisa has one of the most impactful and speedy healing modalities I have experienced along my journey. She carries the sessions with such care and kindness allowing me to feel very seen and nurtured. She works directly with my Higher self to support some very core emotions that I have been carrying for a very long time, liberating me from their patterns and challenges. I have developed so much in myself and am excited to continue this journey to truly clear out what holds me back from fully expressing my true authentic light soul. Words cannot express how grateful I am that our paths have met and we are able to co-heal together. I feel empowered, full of life and hope and deeply in awe of your work. You have helped me come back to my Glow." ~Thank you, Chloe

"Such an amazing session. I thank you so so much. Working with you has been so amazing and mind blowing. I could never thank you enough!" ~ Irene

Meditate at the beach

Disclaimer: Terisa Shashea does not provide diagnoses, medical treatments, prescriptions, or interfere with the treatment prescribed by licensed medical professionals. Energetic co-healing serves as a complementary alternative therapy and should not replace medical attention from a licensed physician or healthcare provider. It is strongly recommended that clients receiving energetic co-healing treatments also consult with a licensed physician or healthcare professional for any medical conditions or concerns.


Terisa Shashea considers herself a passionate "co-healer," whose intuitive and gentle approach serves as a bridge to energetic self-healing. She works with you in the most empowering way possible to reach a place of peace, clarity, and alignment. Terisa is a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Light Language Channel, and she has developed her very own intuitive energetic co-healing techniques.


With the help of these tools, she is able to skillfully connect with your guides, and higher self to facilitate the release of any stagnate energies that may be hindering your sense of vitality and well-being.


In addition, Terisa is a Certified Multidimensional Soul Integration™ Practitioner, a modality developed by JJ Brighton that is designed to help individuals seeking to connect with and integrate past/parallel lives in order to access new spiritual gifts and activate the light body.

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